by Of Lions

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released March 21, 2014



all rights reserved


Of Lions Bowie, Texas

We're a group sinners who express our hearts through music; imperfect people trying to live for a perfect God.

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Track Name: Reclamation
So many times I've searched for truth in anything but You.
What makes You worthy of my life? Your rules I despise.
My life is mine, my secret safe. You have no control.
It's coming off like I don't need any God to tell me what I am doing wrong.
Step off, stand down. I'm not afraid to show you how little You mean to me.
If you're not afraid, why do you continue to argue? Why do you keep seeking me?
She leads first in my life. She is my heart, my prize, my everything.
This throne is not Yours to claim.
Not all who cry 'Lord, Lord' will enter the Kingdom.
I never knew you.
When I stand before the gates of the Kingdom, what will I say? "Lord open the gates!"
Open the gates. Don't turn me away. Give me the keys to the Kingdom!
Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name?
Redemption comes in the heart of a son who has lost his way in the world.
I've lost my way in the world.
I turned away but You have yet to abandon me.
You filled me up when I was low, broken, beaten, and all alone.
I'm coming home, back to You, so Father open your arms and receive a son who's finally free.
I am finally free.
Track Name: Scavengers (feat. Josiah Lyle)
You left me shattered, you left me empty
Playing the field yet still expecting my solace
It takes a heart to stand strong and faithful
God what is companionship without trust?
The pacifist stands idly beside her while the vulture feeds on his lust.
For so long I was weak but because He’s with me
I’ll stand on my own feet with His strength beneath me
I’m no longer bound by the chains that shackled me
Sew an A on your chest cause you’re just like the rest of the ones who couldn’t keep their vows
The Lord detests lying lips, and you just can’t keep your mouth shut.
Sowing your seed to any man that you please
You’re selling yourself for words you’ve longed to receive
There’s many who claim to have a love that remains
But there’s only one God who’s grace can sustain
You think I’m blind but my eyes are open to the truth
My God gave me sight to see that you are just a fraud
Maybe one day you’ll change your ways and redeem yourself
Like a thief in the night you’re just hiding from the light
You’re just a coward
You say vengeance is yours so I’ll lay it all in your hands
It was my cross to bear but I chose to be done
I drew a line in the sand
You are not my burden anymore
Track Name: Xichang
Faces pass by as we navigate the cities insides
On the surface everything appears fine but if you look a little harder you’ll see  
Deep down there’s holes in the hearts of everybody you see
There’s grief and there's pain and there’s gashes that bleed
There’s a need! A need to belong
People want to have a lasting family
We all need community to fit with people to be a part of something bigger than ourselves
We want to be loved
My heart is burning for them to experience You
For them to feel Your love, for them to see You through
I want their faith to be as boundless as the sea
No longer dead in sin your endless grace and ceaseless mercy has set them free
You’ve been enslaved all your life
Held down by everything you thought could set you
Free from all the lies that you have taught yourself to love
You feel so dead inside. You see that you’re no longer
Able to feel anything but sadness and pain
Your life’s a living hell! Constantly bound up in chains
You don’t have to live like this wrapped up in all your woes
A perfect sacrifice hung up for all to see
Wrath then was poured upon Him, wrath meant for you and for me
It’s time to lay your burdens down at His feet
Christ died to set you free so free you are indeed
I see their faces in my dreams! I feel their pain when I lay down my head to sleep
Pour out your Spirit! Grant them your peace
Wipe clean their sorrows and their disbelief
Your Kingdom come, Your Will be done
Open the heavens on us
We want nothing but your love, poured out for everyone
Sick, dirty, or poor. Murderers and thieves alike
Open up the skies
We are longing for you to set the captives free
To rescue and redeem
God, this is our plea
Track Name: Catacombs
I used to walk around these streets with my head held high
Claiming to be so full of joy; overflowing with life
But everyone has those seasons where they feel so low
Everyone goes through a time where they swear that they're alone
I've never been so close to the edge to consider the fall
But I've found myself in times where my run turns to a crawl
Where that heart I thought I had deceives me and buries me under the ground
I'm stuck in a tomb with only one way out
I confess that I'm not faithful
I've loaned out my heart, but all my idols have left me dead
Lord, can these bones come to life?
My strength is depleted, my bones are now dry
Breathe in me! Give me new life!
I'm only truly living if we coincide
Rise! Your purpose is not yet fulfilled.
My purpose is worthless with these legs made of sand.
Solidarity is found in me.
But my roots are so shallow and the rain isn't falling
You planted a seed deep within me
But it can't seem to grow cause it's choked by the weeds
Shine your light! Nourish me
How can I grow when I can't seem to see
Cut me out! Lift me from this rocky ground
Free me from this barren land I'm planted among
Take me from this dying valley plant me in the fertile soil
Truth is that it's been raining all along
I'm not sure how I missed it; how I got it all wrong.
I used to put the blame on anyone but me
Funny how things change with some clarity
Brought down to my knees, blinded by Your light
The scales have fallen, and you’ve granted me sight
I can finally see that I'm a broken soul
Buried in a tomb that's not my home
Roll back the stone and set me free
I belong in the air
I'm at home with the heir
Track Name: Messiah
Oh Lord
From out of your own, your devout group of twelve
Came a soul possessed by greed and by the ruler of the air
How did it feel, when he traded you in
For only thirty pieces of silver, and how did you share your
Meal with that man? Breaking bread with him next to you
He’s the “one who dipped his hand”
And Jesus you knew from the beginning of time
That your very own would turn, that Peter would deny
Not once, not twice, but three different times,
That you’re the Son of the Father who is seated on High
How could you stand it? Praying by your lonesome
Sweating blood cause you’re anxious
Your face to the ground
You said Father if possible, take this cup from me
The spirit is willing but God the flesh is so weak
A murderer is on trial, but the crowd sets him free
And asks for You instead
A crown of thorns upon your head, driven straight into the flesh
Beat within an inch of your life
Mocked and spat upon they brought you to the hill
And there they nailed your hands and feet
And then the blood of God was spilled as you
Gave up your Spirit your body now broken
The earth began to shake and the tombs were smashed open
The bodies of holy people raised up to life
You were buried in a tomb but defeated you were not
Because three days had passed and you opened your eyes
The grave was no match for the power of Christ
Deemed “King of the Jews” but you died for the masses
You are the risen king of all
You are Jesus of Nazareth