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Oh Lord
From out of your own, your devout group of twelve
Came a soul possessed by greed and by the ruler of the air
How did it feel, when he traded you in
For only thirty pieces of silver, and how did you share your
Meal with that man? Breaking bread with him next to you
He’s the “one who dipped his hand”
And Jesus you knew from the beginning of time
That your very own would turn, that Peter would deny
Not once, not twice, but three different times,
That you’re the Son of the Father who is seated on High
How could you stand it? Praying by your lonesome
Sweating blood cause you’re anxious
Your face to the ground
You said Father if possible, take this cup from me
The spirit is willing but God the flesh is so weak
A murderer is on trial, but the crowd sets him free
And asks for You instead
A crown of thorns upon your head, driven straight into the flesh
Beat within an inch of your life
Mocked and spat upon they brought you to the hill
And there they nailed your hands and feet
And then the blood of God was spilled as you
Gave up your Spirit your body now broken
The earth began to shake and the tombs were smashed open
The bodies of holy people raised up to life
You were buried in a tomb but defeated you were not
Because three days had passed and you opened your eyes
The grave was no match for the power of Christ
Deemed “King of the Jews” but you died for the masses
You are the risen king of all
You are Jesus of Nazareth


from Self​-​Titled, released March 21, 2014



all rights reserved


Of Lions Bowie, Texas

We're a group sinners who express our hearts through music; imperfect people trying to live for a perfect God.

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