from by Of Lions



Faces pass by as we navigate the cities insides
On the surface everything appears fine but if you look a little harder you’ll see  
Deep down there’s holes in the hearts of everybody you see
There’s grief and there's pain and there’s gashes that bleed
There’s a need! A need to belong
People want to have a lasting family
We all need community to fit with people to be a part of something bigger than ourselves
We want to be loved
My heart is burning for them to experience You
For them to feel Your love, for them to see You through
I want their faith to be as boundless as the sea
No longer dead in sin your endless grace and ceaseless mercy has set them free
You’ve been enslaved all your life
Held down by everything you thought could set you
Free from all the lies that you have taught yourself to love
You feel so dead inside. You see that you’re no longer
Able to feel anything but sadness and pain
Your life’s a living hell! Constantly bound up in chains
You don’t have to live like this wrapped up in all your woes
A perfect sacrifice hung up for all to see
Wrath then was poured upon Him, wrath meant for you and for me
It’s time to lay your burdens down at His feet
Christ died to set you free so free you are indeed
I see their faces in my dreams! I feel their pain when I lay down my head to sleep
Pour out your Spirit! Grant them your peace
Wipe clean their sorrows and their disbelief
Your Kingdom come, Your Will be done
Open the heavens on us
We want nothing but your love, poured out for everyone
Sick, dirty, or poor. Murderers and thieves alike
Open up the skies
We are longing for you to set the captives free
To rescue and redeem
God, this is our plea


from Self​-​Titled, released March 21, 2014



all rights reserved


Of Lions Bowie, Texas

We're a group sinners who express our hearts through music; imperfect people trying to live for a perfect God.

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